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a Smashing Pumpkins Zwan site
The mean reason I have made this page is to have a place to host my bootlist.
But there is something else : I missed some things that I could not find on other sites,
like a visual discograpy. There are some great sites about commercial and promotional
releases (like but none of them have scans of the actual artwork.
Especially now with Zwan there are so many (promo) releases in various countries that
have all different artwork that I think its time for a page where you can find some more
info about them.
Im trying to keep this page as complete as possible but I need your help, I cant have
everthing.... So if you know about a certain release (even if you dont have it yourself)
please let me know. With a little help I think we can make this a great resource about
every Zwan-thing thats out there.
Ideas about other things that can be hosted here are welcome too (maybe a Smashing
Pumpkins discograpy section) Just let me know your ideas.....